Sensible Flow

Status: In Development

Sensible Flow estimates water usage based on the position of the tap handle after it has been rotated/moved. It is easy to setup and does not require any modification to the existing water line. The device gives warnings when excess water is being consumed.

How it works

Sensible flow uses an Inertial Measurement Unit to determine the tap handle movement and position. During the setup process, each tap position is assigned a flow rate, this can be done automatically with a flow rate sensor or by manually measuring flow rate with a cup. Once the water flow has been inferred from the tap handle position, the data is sent to the Base unit via Bluetooth Low Energy. The Base unit displays the estimated total water consumed for a particular day (updates real time) and sends data to the internet via WiFi to monitor water consumption for the whole year. Multiple Sensible Flow units can be connected to a single Base unit and monitor water usage across various taps.



Sensible Flow

  1. Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V 8Mhz
  2. HC-42 BLE Module
  3. MPU9250 IMU
  4. CR2450 Coin Cell Battery


  1. ESP32 WROOM 16MB
  2. 0.96 Inch OLED
  3. Hi link 3.3V 3W

Circuit Diagram


Sensible Flow

Note that the current design is not water resistant.


STL Files:

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